There is nothing wrong to aspire for a whiter teeth, but if the wrong method is applied it becomes absolutely wrong! Research shows that most of the teeth whitening products can harm or damage your teeth by removing the tooth enamel. Applying teeth whitening products that are not recommended by your dentist may cause your teeth become over-bleached and wear away the tooth enamel. When this happens, your teeth will become translucent and will turn to blue or gray in color. Also, it will result to tooth sensitivity, most especially when you are eating cold or hot foods. With these, you will need to have your teeth to undergo a root canal.

Due to this, instead of saving money, you’ll just end up spending much money due to medication of teeth and gums. Additionally, you’ll end up having a damaged tooth. You will not enjoy the food that you eat and may affect your appetite as well as your digestive system.

So, how can you prevent this from happening?

All natural and safe teeth whitening is not impossible! There are a lot of ways have safe whitening methods in order avoid tooth damage. If you are interested, here are some of the ways.

  • Always consult your dentist before trying over-the – counter teeth whiteners. The dentists are experts when it comes to teeth. They know the acidity level of your teeth and the condition of your teeth, so they know the best products that are suitable for your teeth and may advise you on how to properly use it.
  • Go for all natural whitening treatment. Eating certain food such as apples help whiten your teeth. Rubbing banana peelings, oranges and strawberry on your teeth can also whiten teeth. But, these methods may take several months before it becomes fully evident.
  • Go for laser whitening treatment at PureSmile. Laser teeth whitening treatment at PureSmile Sydney is all natural and safe method to whiten teeth in just an hour or less. Unlike other whitening treatment that uses peroxide, laser treatment has no side effects.

The bottom line is to always think of the safe ways in whitening your teeth. Never sacrifice your teeth for cheaper products that will damage your teeth. Also, develop good oral hygiene in order to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Remember, a strong and healthy tooth is the foundation of clean and white teeth!