Clean Edge Car Wash understands that your car is a huge investment. How you take good care of your car’s look has effect on the total value. Your vehicle is probably the second biggest purchase you have made next to your house, and preserving your car will really help add/hold value whether keeping or selling your car. That is why it is very important to let Clean Edge Carwash take good care of the car for you.

Clean Edge Carwash is devoted to the maintenance and upkeep of your car in Melbourne. They provide a range of car wash services all over three areas in Melbourne – Keysborough, Rosebud West and Carrum Downs. Plus they offer advanced express car washes in order to have you on your way within four minutes or below.

Check for the Location Map:

At Clean Edge Carwash, their expert and certified personnel are dedicated to maintain your car and keeping it very beautiful from the inside out. Their professional staffs are well-trained to cater all your individual car cleaning needs. Also they have a high-tech detail center fashioned to perform interior cleaning, waxing and polishing. They are all committed and devoted to making your valuable car the shiniest, cleanest car in Melbourne.

The services they offer include tunnel express service, touch-free autowash service, marine flush service, super bays service, dog wash service and ice vending machine. They also provide auto wash cards which can really help you save money on car wash. Auto wash cards are pre-paid car wash card which can be utilized all over their three locations in Melbourne for car washes including their tunnel express service.