Everyone needs a friend. No man is an island. Even the most introvert person has an “imaginary friend”. He can’t live by himself or herself because he or she needs someone to hear his or her story. It is kind of interesting that humans are wired like that. No one never longs for friendship. I think, it is because God has designed us to always long for our ultimate friend, Jesus.

God does not want us to live alone. He wants us to live in thriving relationship with Him and His other children too. Someone asked me, I want to win as much friends as possible, what should I do? I answered him, get some cosmetic dentistry sessions so you can have that winning-friend-smile! But of course, I was just kidding. I think true friends accept you for who you are but is open to be true to you to see you improve and the other way around.

Having a true friend can be easy if you will also be true to people. If you lie to win a friend, then I think you already know the consequence for that. Lying will not have a perfectly happy consequence. Live in truth and enjoy a life in truth.
Great friends are just around. Surely, God has them for you. Keep praying!